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Revolutionizing Ocean Waste Clean-Up

Have you heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch? This “island” of garbage is estimated to cover between 700,000 and 15,000,000 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean—in other words, it’s believed to be somewhere between the size of Texas and the size of Russia. Trash that ends up in the oceans has a major impact on the environment, especially when it comes to wildlife. The good news is that efforts are being made across the globe to reduce the amount of garbage in Earth’s oceans through appropriate waste disposal methods and ocean cleanup efforts. One individual who is working to make a big difference is Boyan Slat.

What is The Ocean Cleanup?

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization founded by Slat in 2013 when he was just a teenager. He was inspired to start the group after diving off the coast of Greece, and realizing that he saw more plastic bags than fish. Since then, The Ocean Cleanup has raised millions of dollars to fund its trash removal efforts.

How does The Ocean Cleanup work?

The Ocean Cleanup has focused its efforts on developing a garbage collection device that will collect trash as it moves through the ocean. The Great Pacific garbage patch is not a solid mass—instead, the garbage remains dispersed throughout the area, making cleanup with standard boats and nets impossible. The Ocean Cleanup’s technology uses long floating screens that are attached to anchors to collect garbage deep below the surface. It’s estimated that with around 50 cleanup systems, The Ocean Cleanup could cut the size of the Great Pacific garbage patch in half in just 5 years.

What can I do to help keep our oceans clean?

While you can donate money to help fund ocean cleanup efforts, you can also take steps to help prevent trash from ending up in the oceans in the first place. Try to reduce the amount of waste your household or business generates, and be sure to properly dispose of the garbage you do have in a dumpster. If you have items that can be recycled, be sure that they end up at an appropriate recycling facility in your area.

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