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Where Should My Dumpster be Placed?

When you are completing a construction or renovation project, relying on your home’s trash bin or the neighborhood dumpster simply won’t cut it—you’ll likely have too much garbage to fit into these containers, and hauling the waste to them can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Renting a roll-off dumpster is a much better choice. You’ll be able to rent the right size dumpster to accommodate your project’s waste disposal needs, and you’ll be able to place the rental dumpster in an easy-to-access location. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding where to place your roll-off dumpster:

Keep It Convenient

Take a look around your yard, and decide what will be the most accessible place to keep your dumpster rental. If the project is taking place inside an existing structure, determine which door the waste materials will be carried through, and look for a nearby area that would be suitable for the dumpster. If you are working with contractors on your project, you may want to ask where they would prefer the dumpster be placed.

Protect Your Property

While your dumpster rental company will be careful to avoid damaging your yard when dropping off and picking up your roll-off dumpster, simply placing the dumpster in the wrong part of your property can lead to long-lasting damage. Concrete is the best material to place a dumpster on, as it is able to withstand the pressure caused by a full dumpster’s weight. If concrete is not an option, you can also place the dumpster on an asphalt driveway. Choose the most level part of your driveway so that the pressure will be applied evenly, and opt for a spot in the shade, since high temperatures will make asphalt more vulnerable to damage. If you decide to have your roll-off dumpster placed on top of grass, consider placing pieces of plywood down to help disperse the weight of the dumpster and avoid damaging your lawn.

The team at Brackenbox will be happy to help you select the right roll-off dumpster for your project, and can provide recommendations on the best place to keep the dumpster during your project. To find out more about our dumpster rentals in Chicago, call 708-339-4100.