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Emergency Waste FAQ’s

When a natural disaster or other type of emergency strikes, you may not be able to wait for the next day for your waste management team to arrive. At Brackenbox, we recognize that waste management emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. For this reason, we are pleased to provide our customers with around-the-clock emergency services. Whether you are in need of emergency excavation services in Chicago, or you are scheduling waste disposal in the aftermath of a natural disaster, our team will be happy to serve you throughout the day or night. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about our around-the-clock emergency services.

What types of emergency services does Brackenbox offer?

In fact, most of our regularly scheduled waste management services are available on an emergency basis. For example, if a tornado or other extreme weather event occurs during the middle of the night, we can provide you with a prompt dumpster rental delivery. We also offer excavation services, heavy equipment rentals, and any other services that you may need to clean up your property.

How can Brackenbox help me in an emergency?

Residents of the Chicago area are often faced with tornados, major storms, and other dangerous weather events. By calling Brackenbox immediately after a natural disaster, you can get a jump start on the recovery process. We will arrange for our team to deliver a dumpster to your site as soon as possible, so you will be able to start cleaning up waste and debris that may be cluttering up your home and yard.

How do I schedule emergency services with Brackenbox?

Our owner, Jim Bracken, has made sure that our main phone number is able to take calls on a 24/7 basis. Even if your emergency is occurring after our typical business hours, you will be able to get one of our representatives on the phone right away.

To schedule emergency waste management services in the Chicago area, contact Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, by calling 708-339-4100.