Tips & Ideas

Efficient Loading of Your Roll-Off Dumpster

When you rent a roll-off dumpster, you can’t simply toss things in it as you go through a project. There is a method to loading up roll-off dumpsters so that you use the space efficiently and don’t need to arrange for extra pick-ups that will drive up your budget. Get the most use out of your roll-off dumpster with this advice.  

Survey the Waste Before Loading 

Before you start putting things into the dumpster, look at the all of the waste your project has generated. Separate anything that will not get hauled off in the dumpster. For example, if you have items that need to go to a special recycling facility, separate those so that they don’t get put into the dumpster.  

Break Down Items When Possible 

If you have large items, it can be helpful to break them down if you can. This is especially helpful with things like sofas, chairs, beds, and other large pieces of furniture that have awkward shapes and will create unusable zones in the dumpster. This can also be useful if you’re removing sinks and other items with piping. For large items or awkward shapes that can’t be broken down, plan for where you’ll put them in the dumpster to free up as much as space as possible.  

Start Loading with Flat Items 

Start loading your dumpster with the flat items, like plywood on the bottom. Fill in around the edges with small items, if there is room. Place items so that they are stacked and facing in the same direction, as disorganization will waste space. Bulky items can be placed on the top, after small and flat items are loaded.  

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