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Demolition Site Safety
Demolition Site Safety Advice

On a demolition site, safety is always a primary concern. An important part of keeping demolition sites safe is proper planning, from scheduling the demolition to planning for waste management. As you prepare to perform a demolition, keep these safety tips in mind to protect the workers on your site and the surrounding community.

Perform a Final Sweep

Before any demolition begins, a final sweep should take place. Check all parts of the building, including closets, bathrooms, and crawl spaces. The building should be completely empty when the demolition starts. After the final sweep, make sure all employees are accounted for by requiring them to report in with a specific person as they leave the building. Confirm that everyone has checked in with the monitor before beginning the demolition.

Hire Experienced Workers

Because of the potential dangers on demolition sites, hiring trained and experienced workers is important. Look for employees who have worked on demolitions in the past and who have experience with the kind of equipment you will be using during the process. All of the employees on your job site should know how to use all of the equipment you have, which you should verify by testing them each before work begins. Make sure that your employees wear hard hats, gloves, and work boots at all times when on the site.

Clean Debris Promptly

Careful cleaning and waste disposal is also part of keeping a demolition site safe. Make sure you have the necessary dumpsters on the site before work begins. When clearing debris, ensure that employees are wearing all of their protective gear as well as masks to protect themselves from airborne contaminants.

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