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Our Heavy Equipment Fleet

Construction and demolition projects require a large amount of equipment. Skimping on having the right equipment on hand can disrupt the timeline for the job and increase the cost, but getting access to everything needed on the site can be expensive. Brackenbox makes it easy to get the heavy equipment you need for construction and demolition jobs with our fleet. We own and operate a huge fleet of heavy equipment designed to make the work on construction and demolition sites more efficient.

Our fleet includes wheel loaders/rubber tire loaders, off-road dump trucks, skid steers, track loaders, bulldozers, and excavators. We have multiple top soil fields, shredders, screeners, and several different kinds of sorting equipment. By using our heavy equipment fleet, you can avoid the excessive costs of owning your own equipment without falling behind on the job you’re doing.

For more information about Jim Bracken’s Brackenbox and our heavy equipment and dumpsters in Chicago, contact us with your questions. You can reach our waste management experts at (708) 339-4100.