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Controlling Methane Release at Pontiac

At Brackenbox, we are committed to making waste management easier, so that recycling is the norm on job sites and excavation projects. One landfill in the area that is also committed to environmentally friendly waste management is the Pontiac Landfill in Livingston County. This landfill receives about 5,000 tons of trash from Chicago daily and converts most of it into renewable energy.

The Pontiac Landfill is part of the EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program, which is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. This program makes it possible for landfills to harness the greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide and methane, that are produced during waste management so that they can be converted into renewable energy sources. Landfill gasses are significant contributors to the greenhouse effect, but landfills like the Pontiac Landfill are not only preventing these gasses from entering the environment but also turning them into a resource.

Waste management is an essential part of any remodeling, excavation, or demolition process. Let Brackenbox’s dumpster rentals in Chicago help you control the waste generated by your project. For more information, call 708-339-4100.